I now have a studio space.
It's a mixed studio space.
I work alongside many artists. 
Now I can shoot portraits inside.

Endeavor Arts
1209 1st Street Southwest 
Soon to be known as:

It's a open space filled with artists sharing, collaborating and creating new ideas. It's also a coffee shop open on weekdays. Come stop by. (although I'm not always there)

Now that I have a space i'll be teaching workshops. Many workshops.  The first one on March 31 is a business oriented workshop for photographers. You can find out much more at and register here

We're getting close to the third Make-Fashion Show. 
Last year I collaborated with Catherine, Dianne and Dan to create a wedding dress that responds to the heartbeat of the bride and sends pulses of light running down the dress. 

This year, I'm working with the same team, but entirely new dress. Unlike anything you've seen before. 

I assure you this: No matter how many fashion shows you've been to, you have never seen anything like you will here at Make Fashion. We are a collection of engineers, fashion designers, jewelers, programmers, corsettiers, lighting experts, seamstresses, and robotic engineers. Together we create pieces that have 100's of hours of work per dress. With upwards of 100 people designing 20 or so dresses, you'll see genuine creativity strutting down the runway. 

The fashion show  this year is on March 28 and you can get tickets HERE