Make Fashion.

A melding of Fashion and Technology. A fashion show in Calgary, Alberta featuring the world's best wearable tech designers. 

Clothing that responds to your body. It's temperature, brain waves, heart rate, movement, proximity, and many other functions. All wrapped up in designer's visions. 

I was a part of the 2014 Make Fashion Show, with my dress named "The Biomimetic Bride". We derived design ideas from nature. The bioluminescence found in many plants and animals and the fractal design of leaves and roots.

My team consisted of Catherine Hazin, Dianne Gibson and myself. 

The dress had a combination of 3d printed parts, Arduino computers from Seed Studios, over a mile of Fiber optics, Feathers, Laser Cut Vinyl, a Hand Made Corset, and over a hundred programmable LED lights. 

We put months of time into the design and production of that one dress. 

Our design goal was to have the dress respond to the pulse of the wearer using light as the output. We had the fiber optic strands mapped from top to bottom and as a heart beat was detected, a pulse of light flowed from top to bottom.