Video Pricing

Please use [CONTACT] page to request details and book a shoot. 

Building Blocks


First two hours $150/h

Remaining hours $50/h 


Editing Footage

Videos usually require a minimum of 10 hours of editing. 


Consultation Meeting

Consultation meeting[s] are often required so we can figure out all the details relevant to the shoot.



I'll edit the video to your specifications, the more detailed the better. Additional edits:





Travel: $20 + 50¢/km from my office outside of Calgary. 


Voice Over

Voice over by either you, or a voice actor reading a script.

You: $50  Voice Artist: $200

Consider this:

The final piece will get color graded. Decide on the 'feeling' you wish to convey through color.

I can give it either a rapid edit [1-5 seconds between cuts] or slow edit [5-15 seconds/cut]

Would you like a title, logo, credits or other text in the film? Make a list of all of the details.

Will the film be set on music, Voice-over, ambient sounds, or combination? 

B-Roll [details and ambient footage from the scene] can be included to break things up. 

Visual effects not yet available.  Video recorded in HD 1080p. Delivery is via Dropbox or DVD.

Live events cannot be recorded in one continuous take due to limitations of DSLR Video.