How I increased my social media interactions by 1000%

In the last three days my rate of social media interaction on Twitter has risen from 5-15 interactions per day to over 100 per day. How did I do this? 

 It's Simple:

I was not just writing about the events, I showed them beautifully composed photos of what was happening. Not cell phone photos, but photos from my SLR directly. 

How is that different from what I normally do? Normally I post the cell phone photos from events immediately, the good photos from my SLR camera a few days later, after editing and uploading them. But I've changed.

I can now post photos directly from my professional camera while I'm at the event. No more shitty cell phone photos. My number of favourites, retweets and replies has risen to levels I've never experienced before. I can do this for your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook accounts. 

The difference is illustrated here: These two photos were shot in pretty much the same lighting conditions.
The first one with my friend Teghan on a cell phone, and Grace with my SLR.
The second one is the identical scene shot with both cameras at the same time. 

I keep reading about how the cell phone camera is killing the need for an SLR. Perhaps in perfect conditions it seems to perform as well, but take a cell phone into a dark room with people milling about, the verdict becomes rather clear on which camera wins. And it's not the social media manager with their iPhone 5s enthusiastically tweeting grainy photos of the event unfolding. 

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