Destination: China

If you don't already know from my social feeds, I have a new creative outlet. Wearable Tech Fashion. 

Virtually Vogue. Created by Kelly Hofer, Catherine Hazin, Dianne Gibson and Dan Damron

Virtually Vogue. Created by Kelly Hofer, Catherine Hazin, Dianne Gibson and Dan Damron

Working with the group called MakeFashion, With some 42 engineers, seamstresses, programmers, and other makers, we work together to create interactive fashion. 

Ever since leaving my hutterite culture, I have been craving a community and culture of people that think collaboratively, work together and most of all, create things with their hands. The MakeFashion Community here in Calgary is that to me. 

It's a perfect soup of creative types. We have electrical engineers, fashion designers, programmers, corsetieres, 3D designers, metalsmiths, jewelers, and countless other types of artists contributing what they know to make each other better. 
As for myself, I can use my mixed bag of skills that I learned on the colony to create these complex pieces of interactive fashion.  I have some electrical engineering background, some 3d design skills from my days of being a waterjet operator, lighting design derived from my photo experiments and lamp making and I may have picked up some sewing skills from watching my mother do it all these years. 

Since starting this I've gotten two fashion shows under my belt, for which you can see the resulting pieces here. And the next step is China. 

Our incredible sponsors Seeed Studios have asked us to come to Shenzhen, China to create wearable tech fashion at their studios and then show it at Shenzhen Maker Faire one June 20. However we have audacious plans and are bringing more designers, engineers and a videographer and that isn't covered by our sponsor.
This is where you come in. 

We have created an Indiegogo Campaign where you can help us reach our goal of $6000 (and you get sweet kickbacks for doing so).

If you'd like to help out follow the link below.
I thank everyone that will help us reach our goal!