The annual Poetry and Drama Recital was on just a week ago at our school. It wasn't a event that blew our minds, so dramatic was it. No, it was more of a platform for the children to practice their public speaking skills, and to encourage them to learn to speak with expression, both verbal and body language. It seems they have learned quite well. I often hear the older people remark how much more confident the children are nowadays at speaking in public than they were at that age. And yes they also worry that it will create a sense of empowerment in the children where they can talk over the older people...not that that hasn't been happening for thousands of years...

Below is a sample of just one of the poems, a collaboration of two children. It is childish, for they are children. It's not some deep poem that one must ponder to understand. It's just a short easy, and understandable poem.  The photos are of the lunch we had afterwards. Enjoy~

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIGZBOyQdNY&w=1000&h=538]