At shambhala

Shambhala was transformative for me. I would like to take every single one of my friends next year. 

Shambhala is a music festival . There are 7 stages, nestled into the woods. Like seriously, they are built in a forest [Like Fairholme Colony]. Being barefoot is normal, naked also. It's dusty, warm, and friendly. There's a river with a stage right beside it. There's really good food stands, and 10,000 people. The camping space is either on a open field or in some pine forests. You could be there for a week, just walking around and you still wouldn't have found every little corner, hammock, treehouse, or beach. It's absolutely my dream vision of a world. 

This is all built on a farm. Near Salmo, BC. 

Everything I could say about it, is not enough. You have to be there, to experience it. To experience yourself. The photos below, are but snapshots. I had far too much fun in experiencing it, that photography simply took a second seat.  

Oh, did I mention there's music almost all day. Yes. It runs from around 11am in the morning to the 8am the next morning. For 4 days.