Helena & Davin

It was a perfect storm. We were driving to this location outside of calgary last week, and according to the radar, the storm was supposed to stay out of this area. However nature doesn't follow weather predictions.
We were just a few kilometers off when hail started falling. It was borderline terrifying. The only large cover I had, a reflector, I offered it to cover their car. Ha ha. In retrospect, I may have been sarcastic. 

We could spot all the cars pulling over to the side of the road, some, foolishly, continued on. 

It soon stopped and left a lot of hail at the shooting locations, and also some fog. There was a lot of low lying fog in the area, making for a romantic setting. Besides the fact that it wasn't a comfortable warm, the conditions were perfect for a photo-shoot.  

While I did have a whole lighting setup for this shoot, the three photos below are all natural light.