Of neon and love

Michelle and Brett Friesen 

Back in the days of living on the colony, weddings were such a happy affair. The drama was all happy drama, the people were there to be merry. 
That's how I felt at Michelle and Brett's wedding. An overarching sense of happiness. A group of friends, family and relatives that all wanted to be there. I couldn't get enough of it. 

The sun was shining all day, having no alternative. Romping around Heritage Park prior to the 6:00 ceremony, we got some dreamy, clean shots and some dramatic ones too. I need to edit a dinosaur behind them all in the photo of them running. 

The venue, being a old car museum was wonderfully eclectic. Nothing like having a real airplane hanging above the guests as they're enjoying the spread of food. The neon too, soo much. 
I wish for more weddings this summer that make me feel this happy, comfortable and energetic. 
Thank you to Michelle and Brett for the merry time. And Brandie Sunley for helping me capture the day. 

And then, of course, there's the photobooth:

Love this place: Katy Bond

17th ave 

I've known Katy for almost a year now, the introduction made by my friend Phil. Katy creates events and social experiences. I've been to many of such experiences and find them to be grand and yes I've been found to dance with a glass of vodka in my right hand at these events. In fact, this saturday I'll attend on of her larger events at Belgo Brasserie here in Calgary. 10.26 is halloween party organized by Katy and Derek. You'll be able to find me there, camera in one hand, with the makeup and dress of Lady Gaga adorning my body. Perhaps a little bloodied from bottles of fake blood. 

Enjoy the photos. To get photos of yourself like this, contact me at kellyhofer@gmail.com. 



Calgary Gigapixel.

At 3820 megapixels, this is the highest resolution photo of Calgary ever shot. It was captured October 1, 2013 from near the stairs in the neighbourhood of Crescent Heights. I Hope you enjoy it, and I'll certainly be creating more in the future.  

The hardest part was getting my computer to listen to me while creating it, It took up over 200 gb of space while creating, got my computer up to 42 degrees, none of the calculations took less than an hour. I could go out of biscuits and Tea between every click of the mouse, if so I fancied. My next goal is to get over the 10 Gigapixel mark, but i'll need some help from people in Calgary. I'm looking for access to an apartment that's on the 20th+ floor and just on the south/west side of downtown.  For just an hour or two, on a beautiful day. If anyone can help, contact me at kellyhofer@gmail.com

Please press the bottom button the the left side to go full screen.  

Link to Gigapixel page