It feels like magic. Lightpainting.

I'm not sure where we travelled to shoot these photos, but it was an hour or so west of Calgary. Brooks DeCillia and I had intentions of going to the mountains to shoot star trails. The skies were clear when we left Calgary, but completely clouded over and the moon was out when we arrived at the destination.  We tried shooting a few long exposure shots but they were very stale. 

I had a flashlight along for purposes of seeing what I'm up to. I decided it would be a nice opportunity to experiment, and modified the flashlight using a white sock to diffuse the light. Brooks operated both our cameras and I ran, walked and tripped getting the light painting done. He was giggling like a child, as he had never created photos like this, according to him. When in the process of creating it, the motion of the light seems random, but in the final image, it all comes together and it's magic. 

Here's our magic: