Calgary Gigapixel.

At 3820 megapixels, this is the highest resolution photo of Calgary ever shot. It was captured October 1, 2013 from near the stairs in the neighbourhood of Crescent Heights. I Hope you enjoy it, and I'll certainly be creating more in the future.  

The hardest part was getting my computer to listen to me while creating it, It took up over 200 gb of space while creating, got my computer up to 42 degrees, none of the calculations took less than an hour. I could go out of biscuits and Tea between every click of the mouse, if so I fancied. My next goal is to get over the 10 Gigapixel mark, but i'll need some help from people in Calgary. I'm looking for access to an apartment that's on the 20th+ floor and just on the south/west side of downtown.  For just an hour or two, on a beautiful day. If anyone can help, contact me at

Please press the bottom button the the left side to go full screen.  

Link to Gigapixel page