Hutterite Wedding on Sunday

May 13.

Hutterite weddings vary from traditional non-hutterite weddings. With the help of another blogger we wrote a description of one from a few years ago, you can see it here. 

Early Sunday morning, at 7:30 everybody had to be at the bus or vehicles that were going to the wedding in Fairholme Colony.

IMG_0916 Joyce waiting for all our friends to arrive for the bus ride, the Sunday morning of the wedding.


The wedding train stopped just outside the grooms colony to decorate the vehicle for the ride in.

IMG_0960 Arriving at her new colony. With family, friends and many people from the colony.

Got to see With horses leading the train, everybody wants to get a piece of the action. The're also reading the signs posted along the way with jokes about the new colony.

IMG_0983 Four horses led us in, for the mile before the colony after which we were met by the below sight.

IMG_1015 Possibly the oldest of traditions, the welcome wagon. With all the children. Color and happiness.

IMG_1026 Ford. Through and through.

IMG_1056 Most of the members of the grooms colony are there to greet the bride and groom plus family. A lot of hugging and happy feelings here.

IMG_1066 Beneath the oaks in Fairholme Colony

IMG_1073 The youth from our colony having just stepped off the bus.

IMG_1092 Couple and family heading home just prior to the wedding.

IMG_1102 Everybody is off to relax for about an hour before the wedding ceremony.

IMG_7614 No photos of wedding ceremony itself, this is the reception in the school gym. Some of the people have arrived, and i've already been told to not take photos.

IMG_7620 Waiting for the couple to arrive at the school.

IMG_7629 Couple and family arriving, usually after most other people have been seated. Flower girls in front.

Hochzeit [Hutterite wedding] Most people have arrived, youth on one side, older people on opposite side [mostly off the photo]