10 photos from the Beakerhead Workshop with Neil Zeller

I'll be part of this year's Beakerhead photography team. And as a lead up to Beakerhead [a science and engineering/arts] festival happening this September, the photography team had a workshop with last year's principal photographer, Neil Zeller. This was more of an explanation of what to expect than a technical photography workshop in itself. 

To see some of my photos from last year, There's a story of Steve and Zoe also published on My Modern Met

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Love this Place: Catherine Barclay & Missy

Catherine and I went for a walk in at Fish Creek Park. She’s been living in the area for a long time, and I was able to catch up on all the years of change I missed by not being here. Her dog, Missy, she’s had for over a decade. It’s the two of them and they have a beautiful, relationship and a yellow car.