Love this place: Karyn Lee

My second instalment of "love this place" photo series.  

This is Karyn Lee, a Photographer from High River, AB. [Karyn Lee Portrait CoutureShe owns a couple horses on a small farm just outside of High River. A farm owned by Deb and Keith.  I travelled there with her to shoot photos as she spent time with her horses. 

It was a learning experience to be using strobe lights with large umbrellas around horses. They get spooked rather easily. The first time setting up an umbrella, it was a small one, 3 feet in diameter, and a good 20 feet from the horse. The horse reacted really suddenly, enough to give Karyn a rope burn. I was a little wiser the next time, I set the large, 7 foot reflector umbrella up before the horse arrived, and kept flashing the strobe as she came closer just to get her used to it.  

The best part came at the end of the photo-shoot when talking to Deb who owns the farm. She said I could come back any time to have a photo-shoot with her horses, but more specifically to paint one of her white horses.  

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