Truly Passionate.

This video of Jay Maisel struck a chord for me. I have noticed photography is shifting a lot more towards the art of manipulation, and away from the art of seeing. A tragedy. But Jay is the epitome of what I aspire to, I am never out of my home without a camera. I enjoy shooting photos too much to not have a camera on me all the time. I love seeing.

I am enthralled to view a portfolio such as his. He doesn't have a subject, style, or look that he defaults to like so many photographers. He shoots everything. A style that is consistent with what people see every day. When I go outside my apartment, I don't see only well lit models in skimpy underwear. I see an overweight lady, a dusty construction worker, dirt on the street, a homeless person, a reflection in the window. And I love seeing these things. It gives me joy to see the diversity in a city the size of calgary. Yes one might see a lot of [+15 walking] oil and gas employees, but there are just as many people one floor below that cant afford a suit and that expensive car.  

With that said, enjoy this video.