House-boating on lake Koocanusa

My friend and DJ Brando invited me onto this house-boating trip organized by Bust Loose as a photographer. It was my second vacation in my life by a narrow margin. I was at Shambhala the previous week [photos of that coming later] , I then went camping by myself for three days on the shores of Lake Koocanusa, then house-boating on the same lake. 
It was a fabulous party from what I experienced. There were all sorts of funny shenanigans, 10 boats and 150 people that can apparently party very hard. I got little sleep. [as if I had enough, having just come from Shambhala]
Some days I wonder if it could get better, I get paid to travel and have fun. It makes me think back at the days when I had a boss, co-workers and a stable income with not a tinge of regret. Starting my own photography company has been a hard and penny-pinching few months. But worth every moment. And it's getting better. 


Truly Passionate.

This video of Jay Maisel struck a chord for me. I have noticed photography is shifting a lot more towards the art of manipulation, and away from the art of seeing. A tragedy. But Jay is the epitome of what I aspire to, I am never out of my home without a camera. I enjoy shooting photos too much to not have a camera on me all the time. I love seeing.

I am enthralled to view a portfolio such as his. He doesn't have a subject, style, or look that he defaults to like so many photographers. He shoots everything. A style that is consistent with what people see every day. When I go outside my apartment, I don't see only well lit models in skimpy underwear. I see an overweight lady, a dusty construction worker, dirt on the street, a homeless person, a reflection in the window. And I love seeing these things. It gives me joy to see the diversity in a city the size of calgary. Yes one might see a lot of [+15 walking] oil and gas employees, but there are just as many people one floor below that cant afford a suit and that expensive car.  

With that said, enjoy this video.  



Color me Rad is a 5k run for a local charity. Not timed, just colour. And the best FAQ I've ever read. Period. 
Click photos view larger gallery. 

Under the influence of McNally with Jen Maslak

Jen is a very genuine, beautiful and fun person to work with. Not only is she a model, but also a mom and a floral designer [and yes she's talented!!]. I just met her that day, and worked with her for 2 hours, and already we talked like friends that had known each other for a long time. It made the shoot much more enjoyable. 

This shoot was inspired by Joe McNally, a truly gifted photographer, I'm one of his many admirers.  I bought the book 'Sketching Light by Joe McNally' almost a year ago. I flipped through it several times, and then put it on the shelf, feeling inspired. I created great work. So the other day as I was cleaning my room [thank god my mom doesn't have to see it] and rediscovered his book. I read it front to back. I again felt über inspired and asked on CFC if anyone could help me. Jen volunteered. 

I left my tripod at home [couldn't find the base plate] even though I knew we'd be shooting long exposure. So for some of these shots I had to trust my stability and IS lenses to keep the photos sharp when shooting at 1/15 second handheld, you try doing that! 

All these shots were taken at Big Hill Springs just 20 minutes north west of Calgary.