Under the influence of McNally with Jen Maslak

Jen is a very genuine, beautiful and fun person to work with. Not only is she a model, but also a mom and a floral designer [and yes she's talented!!]. I just met her that day, and worked with her for 2 hours, and already we talked like friends that had known each other for a long time. It made the shoot much more enjoyable. 

This shoot was inspired by Joe McNally, a truly gifted photographer, I'm one of his many admirers.  I bought the book 'Sketching Light by Joe McNally' almost a year ago. I flipped through it several times, and then put it on the shelf, feeling inspired. I created great work. So the other day as I was cleaning my room [thank god my mom doesn't have to see it] and rediscovered his book. I read it front to back. I again felt über inspired and asked on CFC if anyone could help me. Jen volunteered. 

I left my tripod at home [couldn't find the base plate] even though I knew we'd be shooting long exposure. So for some of these shots I had to trust my stability and IS lenses to keep the photos sharp when shooting at 1/15 second handheld, you try doing that! 

All these shots were taken at Big Hill Springs just 20 minutes north west of Calgary.