Flickr + Getty Images Want my photos.

Flickr and Getty got something going. Flickr is a photo sharing site, Getty a photo selling site.

Getty is a center for photographers to upload photos to, then anybody with money can buy them for commercial or private use.

So A few years ago Getty teamed up with Flickr. Getty has the right to request certain Flickr photographer's work to upload it to Getty and sell the photos. They tagged me some time ago, and have though the year requested over 4 times to have my photos sold. Spots of wishful thinking

Currently they want 41 of my photos.

But I can't sell them. At least not the ones with people in them because I would need to get model releases signed by the people in them. And that would lead to trouble, since...well...since i live on a colony. But I see their point, there are very very few photos of Hutterites for sale for commercial use.  And People need them.

This is a sample of the photos they requested. Capture

Here are the rest of the photos 2 3

I navigated to Getty's website. And found that anyone can apply to have their photos looked at and selected. I never went though that process. hmm getty

I feel like this is a little disconcerting. They keep insisting they want my photos, but i can't just hand it to them without permission. And no, i'm not going to get it.

It's a cool opportunity though. But i can't go around faking model releases.

Should I even consider pursuing it?