Lighting with LED's

I have been working on a special LED light array the past several months. An aluminum frame, that swivels up and down, with 4 LED strip-lights arranged on a square frame. I had originally planned on using it as a normal lamp, but it occurred to me that using it as a photographic light source would work as well. The inspiration was derived from having a home made ring-light. But usually they are much smaller than what I wanted. Their effect was not profound enough to be worth buying one or making one that works better than the one I have.

From the front it looks like this: IMG_5149



With just a little kick of light from a Canon 430ex flash to give the head some form, I got these photos of my siblings.

Having on glasses gives the photos an edge. The reflection of the light looks 'modern'.

Too cool The reflection in these glasses are particularly interesting. No, she doesn't normally wear glasses, they are just for her amusement.

Having the array of lights almost 2x3 feet renders the reflection larger than the normal small light sources I used to use. IMG_4365

Without eye-wear the reflection and effect of the light is also pronounced.

In this self portrait the little square in the eye doesn't seem to be natural, at least compared to all the photos I have shot in the past. Generally The reflections are not as crisp, and usually seem more like a haze of light rather than a thin white light.


When turning down the brightness of LED's with a dim-able transformer, you can see the construction more closely.


The original application for the lights was as an ground-light on a firetruck. Which i help build. But we had major issues with them burning out or breaking, so we stopped using them and I got a couple of them. The aluminum frame was cut on a water-jet machine which I operate and formed to a frame by my co-worker. IMG_5155

I love DIY.