House-boating on lake Koocanusa

My friend and DJ Brando invited me onto this house-boating trip organized by Bust Loose as a photographer. It was my second vacation in my life by a narrow margin. I was at Shambhala the previous week [photos of that coming later] , I then went camping by myself for three days on the shores of Lake Koocanusa, then house-boating on the same lake. 
It was a fabulous party from what I experienced. There were all sorts of funny shenanigans, 10 boats and 150 people that can apparently party very hard. I got little sleep. [as if I had enough, having just come from Shambhala]
Some days I wonder if it could get better, I get paid to travel and have fun. It makes me think back at the days when I had a boss, co-workers and a stable income with not a tinge of regret. Starting my own photography company has been a hard and penny-pinching few months. But worth every moment. And it's getting better.