Updates on my book

After 5  years of working on it (I started it as a Highschool project in 2010) I am finally ready to publish my first book. A photo book about Hutterites. 

My first step is to run a Kickstarter to get the critical mass to publish at a reduced cost. That'll come in less than two months. 

Here's the concept. The pages come with just the photos. The stories will be posted on my social channels and blog in the year following. One by one. You can follow along here:

Facebook - Page

Note: Some don't have any relevant content as of yet. You'll see it pop up once the book is released. 

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House-boating on lake Koocanusa

My friend and DJ Brando invited me onto this house-boating trip organized by Bust Loose as a photographer. It was my second vacation in my life by a narrow margin. I was at Shambhala the previous week [photos of that coming later] , I then went camping by myself for three days on the shores of Lake Koocanusa, then house-boating on the same lake. 
It was a fabulous party from what I experienced. There were all sorts of funny shenanigans, 10 boats and 150 people that can apparently party very hard. I got little sleep. [as if I had enough, having just come from Shambhala]
Some days I wonder if it could get better, I get paid to travel and have fun. It makes me think back at the days when I had a boss, co-workers and a stable income with not a tinge of regret. Starting my own photography company has been a hard and penny-pinching few months. But worth every moment. And it's getting better.