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After 5  years of working on it (I started it as a Highschool project in 2010) I am finally ready to publish my first book. A photo book about Hutterites. 

My first step is to run a Kickstarter to get the critical mass to publish at a reduced cost. That'll come in less than two months. 

Here's the concept. The pages come with just the photos. The stories will be posted on my social channels and blog in the year following. One by one. You can follow along here:

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Note: Some don't have any relevant content as of yet. You'll see it pop up once the book is released. 

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This sunday.

Die frogn. On April 1, 2012 in the Manitoba colonies the following people wish to be baptized upon their confession of faith in Christ and become a member of the Community of Goods, known as the Hutterian Church.

This list was compiled by the members of a Hutterite Tauf Facebook Group. And final List by Claudine Waldner. Thanks!

Bonhomme Colony:              Adam, David, Heidi, Lukas, Margaret

Canam Colony:                     Esther, James, Julianna, Matthew

Clearview Colony:                Tamara

Clearwater Colony:              Rosann

Coolspring Colony:               Julia

Cypress Colony:                    Andrea, Chris, Daniel, Delilah, Kelvin, Larry, Mara

Decker Colony:                     Caleb, Donna, Gideon, Jacob, Jerome, Joseph, Kara, Lisa (William Hutterville, SD)

Evergreen Colony:                Adora, Paulin

Glenway Colony:                  Michael, Peter (Naomi, Thomas Hutterville, SD)

Grand Colony:                      Janetta, Michael, Paul

Greenacres Colony:              Aaron, Amanda, Andrea, Andrew, Barbra, Gilbert, Joseph, Leonard, Susanna

Heartland Colony:                Daniel, David, Dora, Heidi, Laura, Sarah

HiddenValley Colony:          Caroline, Kathryn, Maria

Homewood Colony:              Joel, Paul

Interlake Colony:                      Derek, Melissa, Ryan W., Suzannah, Tammi

JamesValley Colony:             Davis, Ernest, Johannes, Jonas, Leanna, Sharon

 Kamsley Colony:                      Amelda, Maria, Tania

Maplegrove Colony:               Delilah (Taufing in Greenacres Colony)

Mayfair Colony:                  Jonas, Julia, Lucas, Laura, Marcus

Netley Colony:                           Beverly, Jayne, Joel, Jordan, Tyson

Newhaven Colony:              David, Lorraine

Oakriver Colony:                     Claudi, Joseph, Paul, Phoebe

Odanah Colony:                       Donny, Jackie, Larissa, Vanessa

Pineland Colony:               Fred & Nancy

Plainview Colony:                   Jolene, Regena, Renata, Sonya, Terry, Violet

Ridgeville Colony:             Heidi, Julie

Rocklake Colony:                  Becky, Christina, Jeremy, Joel, Jonathan, Rhoda

Rolling Acres Colony:        Jake

Rosedale Colony:                    James, Jaydon, Jennifer, Joanie, Kandace, Lana, Luke, Michelle

Rose Valley Colony:         Andrew, Christina, Curtis, Dahlia, Darren, Harvey, Joseph, Katrina, Priscilla, Wanda

Silverwinds Colony:            Angela, Daniel, Jordan, Royden, Susanna, Tanya

Skyview Colony:                     Barbara, Lloyd

Souris Colony:                         Andrew, Annalise, Heidi, Matthew, Michael, Pierre,            Rochelle, Susan

Springhill Colony:            Jeremiah

Suncrest Colony:                   Clarise, Danielle, Donny, Dwight, Rodney, Virginia, Wayne

Twilight Colony:               Ben, Becky, Dianna, Samantha

Treesbank Colony:               Moses

Waldheim Colony:               Elizabeth, Matthew, Roseanna

Wellwood Colony:                Delilah, Donna, Jacob, Rosina, Sarah, Steve

Willow Creek Colony:        Allan, Brian, Cameron, Elaine, Heidi, Jarvis, Jason, Lloyd, Pauline, Philip, Ryan, Walter

Woodland Colony:                Kenneth, Leanna

Printed March 25, 2012