The Business Side Of photography

There are too many incredibly brilliant photographers out there that suck at business. I want to help them do better.

In the recent two years I have taken up the advice of a startup business planners, a financial consultant, the internet, and other successful photographers. 

It would be worth it for me to write a book on this matter, and I have started. I am halfway finished, it's a 100-ish page guide on all the different aspects of how to run a photo business. 

I am looking for photographers, small company owners, or anyone that has a startup that could have valuable insight into this topic. I'll trade a copy of the final e-book for a hour of your time. 

Email me if you'd like to talk and share your business advice.
We'll set up a date to talk. 

Of neon and love

Michelle and Brett Friesen 

Back in the days of living on the colony, weddings were such a happy affair. The drama was all happy drama, the people were there to be merry. 
That's how I felt at Michelle and Brett's wedding. An overarching sense of happiness. A group of friends, family and relatives that all wanted to be there. I couldn't get enough of it. 

The sun was shining all day, having no alternative. Romping around Heritage Park prior to the 6:00 ceremony, we got some dreamy, clean shots and some dramatic ones too. I need to edit a dinosaur behind them all in the photo of them running. 

The venue, being a old car museum was wonderfully eclectic. Nothing like having a real airplane hanging above the guests as they're enjoying the spread of food. The neon too, soo much. 
I wish for more weddings this summer that make me feel this happy, comfortable and energetic. 
Thank you to Michelle and Brett for the merry time. And Brandie Sunley for helping me capture the day. 

And then, of course, there's the photobooth:

10 photos from the Beakerhead Workshop with Neil Zeller

I'll be part of this year's Beakerhead photography team. And as a lead up to Beakerhead [a science and engineering/arts] festival happening this September, the photography team had a workshop with last year's principal photographer, Neil Zeller. This was more of an explanation of what to expect than a technical photography workshop in itself. 

To see some of my photos from last year, There's a story of Steve and Zoe also published on My Modern Met

Click photos to embiggen

Photo-booth at Ascending Koi

My friends at Ascending Koi tattoo and apparel are the nicest group of people I know in calgary [period]. They have fundraisers almost weekly and usually in the form of a friendly block party anyone can attend. 
These are photos of the guests at one such party.

We had originally planned to have a standard grey background, but it was windy and I was like "I'm setting this up to create the most visually stunning photos I can with the given space". They had a shrub, I used it. A shrub, A Canon 60D, 24-70mm f2.8 Lens, wireless flash triggers and Alienbee 1600 light with beauty dish
Check out their Website. Facebook.  Twitter. YouTube