Drew Malinowski: Dance


I picked East Village for it’s clean lines and sleek looking architecture.  A neighbourhood under heavy redevelopment, it’s really is shaping up to be one of the more chic looking places in calgary. It was but a few years ago when the area looked like it’s last building had been built in the early 80s.

This photoshoot was a collaboration of Drew Malinowski and Dave Latos. We set up lights around the EV discovery center and the river walk just nearby. Drew danced and Jumped several hundred times, keeping herself warm in the chilly october evening.

Love this place: Katy Bond

17th ave 

I've known Katy for almost a year now, the introduction made by my friend Phil. Katy creates events and social experiences. I've been to many of such experiences and find them to be grand and yes I've been found to dance with a glass of vodka in my right hand at these events. In fact, this saturday I'll attend on of her larger events at Belgo Brasserie here in Calgary. 10.26 is halloween party organized by Katy and Derek. You'll be able to find me there, camera in one hand, with the makeup and dress of Lady Gaga adorning my body. Perhaps a little bloodied from bottles of fake blood. 

Enjoy the photos. To get photos of yourself like this, contact me at kellyhofer@gmail.com. 



Love this Place: Catherine Barclay & Missy

Catherine and I went for a walk in at Fish Creek Park. She’s been living in the area for a long time, and I was able to catch up on all the years of change I missed by not being here. Her dog, Missy, she’s had for over a decade. It’s the two of them and they have a beautiful, relationship and a yellow car.